Some examples of our machineries.

The main duty of MINICRIMPING 0550 is to crimp the fiber just before the thermal stabilization treatment. This is obtained using an suitable chamber in accordance with the polymer used. MINICRIMPING 0550, in particular, has been conceived for P.P., P.E.T., Acrylic and Pa6. Depending on kind of used material and on production requirement, it's installed an adequate crimping chamber.

An important feature in all our crimpers is the very ease to remove and change crimping chamber; this grant to our Customers the maximum flexibility in production stage and a cheap investment for every upgrade in the future. This machine is designed for all kind of production, developed to give to operator a fine control through an easy to use panel and to reduce maintenance operations and consumptions; in fact all command/movement devices, are pneumatic.

Moreover, particular care has been taken for active/passive protection devices. The machine is provided of electrical and instrumental equipment for power and protection devices such as emergency bar and shields that can be interfaced with a control/supervision systems. We have undertaken to build a machine as strong and reliable as possible but flexible in order to satisfy market requirements. Up to now we can verify very good results.